Scripting - Code Favorites List

I’d like the ability to save snippets of code to a favorites list, then when I’m creating or editing a script, that list is available for me to insert the code. I find myself hunting through scripts trying to find code I may have already used, which sometimes involve multiple scripts and multiple windows to put something together.

While this would be cool, I doubt Syncro would get around to such a thing for many years priority-wise. I’d suggest sticking with VS Code (which can do snippets) for developing and testing scripts as much as possible, then copying into Syncro at the end to verify integration features. Syncro’s code highlighting fails fairly often, there’s the whole ‘tab open too long so when you save your changes are lost’ thing also. Another workaround of sorts would be to use a module then you install on all machines (a script with required file would work for this). Then you can call any functions from that in any script.

This is what I do. Everything is done in VSCode and synced to git, and I wrote a module that contains a bunch of custom functions that I deploy with my main policy to all machines when they onboard so if I need to call something in a new script, I know it’s already there.