Script issues

Hello everyone. We have had this issue happen twice where we’ve selected a script to run on specific machines and it actually ran (or tried to run) on EVERY asset we have in Syncro. The technician who ran the script manually selected certain assets. What I need to know is, is there actually a way to choose a script and have it run on EVERY asset?

I also need to know, when you select the top checkbox on the Assets & RMM page, does that only select the first 100 assets that are on that page or does it select ALL assets (over 1100)?

Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve seen this happen to others on the forum. From the main Assets & RMM page, it’s very easy to accidentally run a script against all assets.

When multiple assets are selected, or, even for your question about selecting all, the Blue Manage button at the top will light up. Click it and choose run script and it tells you how many items are selected.


There is also the option to select “Apply to all #### Syncro Devices matching search instead” when running said script from a saved search result.

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