Script History Page/Report

Script history exist on each endpoint, but there’s no central location aggregating that data. Either a report, or within the scripts page, there should be a script history so that we can view at a glance if scripts are failing or not. Script history should have filters like everything else where you can filter by script, date, or any other valid info. All the other RMMs I’ve used, this was in the software and was used often. An example of why this is needed is when the module was updated and required PS 4+. There was no way to identify this until reports on FB started surfacing and inspecting individual scripts and assets revealed that scripts were timing out. A bonus would be a script queue page for all things that are in the queue so we can identify if there’s a queue issue and be able to clear the entire queue if needed.


Just spent some time going through the entire system looking for exactly this, and have found absolutely nothing where I can view the historical data of scripts, unless you edit the script and see the last 5 times it ran on the right hand column. Whoopie.

I can’t believe why this doesn’t exist as this is some pretty crucial information to be able to see on a mass scale. Sure, it’s nice to be able to see the scripts that ran on an individual pc, but take the example of what I just did to heart.

I just ran a script on 15 different assets to upgrade Windows 10. Cool.
I found these using a saved asset search. Cool.
Did they all fire off and run? Dunno…

How do I go see the results of all of them in one aggregated location?

I can’t. NOT COOL.

What, am I supposed to remember all of these 15 assets I just ran them on? Oh, create a saved asset search you say? Doesn’t help. Next time I run the saved asset search, the results will be different because they most likely upgraded and the search criteria doesn’t match anymore.

The only way to monitor this is to open every single asset in a new tab and keep them open so I can view their individual script results tab. Not Cool. Very Not Cool.

Such a time waste.

Please, add a page that shows script history, and we need this BEFORE any kind of UI redo.

Having this page will also allow us to go visit and spot check scripts and SAVE US TIME.

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