Script History of Installing KBs

When working on a device in Syncro, there is a Windows Patches tab.
If I select a Windows Update manually to install, then an entry in the Script tab under Script Queue appears. Looks like this.

However, once the installation is completed, there is no mention in the Script History that this “Installing KB” script ran.

Is this behaviour to not record the history of “Installing KB” scripts by design or is it a bug?

Just off the top of my head, the list of installed KBs is only updated a few times per day, so there is a delay.

Its recorded immediately on the Windows Patches tab that the title of a KB or driver was installed.
But I felt it was odd to have a reference as “in progress” in the Script Queue, but then not mentioned in the Script history.

Perhaps a design quirk.

Used to also be able to see updates in the asset activity report but that’s been broken for a year or two.

When looking at an asset, if you go actions, sync asset data does it update the script history as you would expect?

It looks like it’s a 6 hour poll time for Windows Updates:

That may just be for checking for new updates, not sure how the status of installing/reflecting installed updates works. I’ve never sit and watched.