Screenconnect removal from remote access options

Because of a enterprise client that only allows Teamviewer/Splashtop I have been forced to switch from Screenconnect to Splashtop (used Teamviewer before, but thoroughly hate the Teamviewer organization and I don’t think it is a superior product). I have removed the Screenconnect integration but in Remote Access it still keeps showing the Screenconnect option. How can I remove this for all assets? I suspect there is still a variable with a value that causes this, but I don’t see this in the gui.

Hello Onno,

That’s strange, I believe there is still a lingering setting. I will test things out in my account and remove some backend Screenconnect settings to see if I can fix this issue.

I’ll reach out to you via email too.

Hello again Onno,

After some internal testing and talking with my coworker, it seems that once ScreenConnect is enabled, the ScreenConnect option you see from the Remote Access drop-down will remain because it becomes hard-coded in the system.

I have talked with the product team to the ScreenConnect option removed down the future. I apologize for the inconvenience, but the good news is that this shouldn’t affect any Splashtop remote functionality.

Here is the script information to remove the access I got from Syncro. You need to run this on each device you no longer want it to show Screenconnect on:

You’ll want to run it as a logged-in user, and add the variable $fieldname using the “Add a Variable” button.
When you run it, you will be prompted for the field name. Please enter, “ScreenConnect GUID”, like so:
The script should then remove the GUIDs, and then the button from the dropdown.

I have a variable called “fieldname” and type dropdown, value name “ScreenConnect GUID” set as default.
File type: Powershell; Run as Logged in User; Max run 3 minutes.

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
Set-Asset-Field -Subdomain "your-subdomain" -Name $fieldname -Value ""

Thanks, Mark. Indeed setting the value of “ScreenConnect GUID” solved it!