Screen width

Is there a way to get Syncro to use the whole of the width (or even just more) of the brower on higher than HD resolutions? I use Edge running fullscreen on a 4K screen, and Syncro only really uses the central 50% - and yet, for example, doesn’t show very much of the “Failure Description” on the “Open RMM Alerts” page.

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Have you enabled fill screen mode in Syncro (click your name in the top-right corner, and select Enable Fullscreen)?

I wasn’t aware of that one, thanks. However, it still wastes a lot of space even if the text is distributed more evenly - now I get “Some disks are low on space Drive C: space bel…”. Is there a way to adjust the column widths?

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Not that I’m aware of. Maybe put in a feature request and hopefully they’ll get to it sooner rather than later!

I don’t think the columns can be sized, but I have 13 columns of information on a 27" monitor and non of it wraps and it works well. I’m on 5K so I have a few more pixels, but my browser window only uses about 4K across. I just have a column for free space and not a whole “Some disks, message which would be wide.”

On the Open RMM Alerts mine cuts off after bel… even though I still have another 1" or 2" of room so it seems like the site is arbitrarily cutting it off which is not that great. If you hover on it, it will tell you what it is, but that’s no fun. Also, on the Assets & RMM page, you can show the SYSTEM PARTITION FREE SIZE as a column and sort by that to find the smaller ones.