Scheduled Scripts Not Running

We several scripts that run weekly and none of them are running. This is a huge problem and puts these computers in a security risk situation. Does Syncro want to be the cause of a computer becoming infected or breached because a simple task was not done by running a script? This is a huge problem and the standard “development is looking it at” answer will not do. I have put up with a lot of minor things that don’t work in Syncro but this might be the last straw for me. Yes, I did open a support ticket this morning as well. #00164361.

I saw a post in the FB group about this which is why I checked mine. I am not the only one with this issue.


Can’t say we had this issue too many times (did get fix with in same hour or hours and normally more poeple respond having said issue). Is there a task getting stuck, skip, delay, or just not running at all?

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Only tired to submit the same issue again, again, again…

This is happening since 9 month now.

I have a ticket from 8/25/2022 for this problem.

I called to get an update. They said the status is “Pending Engineering”. I already knew that. I wanted to get a progress update. They cannot give me one. I asked to speak to a manager; none are available. The person on the phone said they would give my contact info to a manager and a manager will call or email me. I requested a phone call. No sense in dragging out a conversation with email when a 10 minute phone call will do. I sent an email to my account rep. We’ll see how long it takes for someone to call me like I asked.

I explained that this is a problem for many of us based on what I see in the forum. They said Syncro monitors the forums closely. I, respectfully, disagreed.

Scripts not running on schedule include the Windows Update Schedules. At least I hope that’s why Windows Updates are not running on schedule.

I’ve been in IT since 1977. Good tech support requires the technicians to keep in communication with their end user. The tech is my representative for the problem. It is the tech’s responsibility to ensure the problem is progressing and keeping me up to date on that progress.

I may start calling everyday like my customers do to me. The one thing I cannot tell my customers is that I am not getting the support I need from my software vendor.

In case they read this post… Please call me. You have my number.

Hi @jim2,

Totally hear you and understand your frustration along with many others around scripts and the issues we’ve been having. This is known and actively being investigated for a fix, we just completed a pretty important migration that will allow us to closely monitor failed scripts on a granular level and in that we will be about to find the root causes and resolve them.

Are you now saying that scripts not running according to schedule is a known problem? This has been a problem for us since late 2021, and every time we’ve been in contact with support they’re surprised, we get very little feedback, and our tickets get closed without any solution - every time.

In one of the recent recordings, they discussed how moving to AWS will help them better see the problem and hopefully figure out what’s causing it. So there was an update, just not in ticket form.

Once they were aware of my dis-satisfaction, Alexandra called me. She listened to what I had to say. She did not argue or make excuses.

I simply explained that this problem is a deal-breaker and makes their software unreliable and, therefore, useless. The whole reason guys like us get clients is because we are reliable. I can’t do my job if they don’t do theirs.

We discussed the scheduling problem and the slow support, lack of timely communication and misleading comments. She sent me a link to the recording of the recent webinar that did mention how big a problem the scheduled scripts are and the steps they are taking to provide better at support.

This is my opinion:
They are a relatively small and new company that is experiencing growing pains. As with most companies, they don’t always make the right choices. Sometimes these choices bite them in the rear. (Think the recent Backup deployment and subsequent deprecation.) They are very aware of the situation and are trying to figure out how to do better. They have things to try and they continue to have conversations on how to improve. I know from experience that these changes will take time and may not work out. So, this will be a process.

Now that I know I have been heard, I am content. I know they are working on the scheduling problem and the support problem and I expect things will get better soon.

I’m hoping the schedule problem is fixed within 45 days. The support problems will take longer; 3-6 months maybe. Of course I’m guessing\hoping.

Yes, I noticed this week scheduled scripts not running when they are supposed to.
We supply a Maintenance Monday to our customers. A message pops up on the customer PC to remind them. But when I look in the script log for some PCs, in some weeks, only the message script ran and not the other scripts.
I’m not very impressed with Sycnro’s ability to run scripts on a weekly basis, let alone a daily or a hourly basis.
I feel the root cause for this is the architecture of Syncro.
Why is the Syncro cloud telling agents to run a script at such and such time? Each and every time the script is to be run?

Tasks (scripts) running on agents shouldn’t in my view be dependent on anything in the Syncro Cloud.
Surely it would be more reliable for the agent to be given a task (to run a script) and the task schedule, and let the agent handle the actual timing of executing the task (run the script), and report back to the cloud system after the task was run, report into the cloud the task completion status.
Apart from less cloud compute cycles and timing in the cloud to worry about, tasks would run on the agents even when the agent had lost internet connection, of if Syncro Cloud was offline due to any event.

An RMM should run tasks, scripts etc when they’re supposed to run, without fail, unless there’s a good reason not to run - like the asset being offline, having full disk, too old powershell etc. It’s the main reason MSPs have an RMM. It’s the only way of automating our business and not having to spend 10 minutes on each asset every day - which is impossible with the number of assets required to fund a tech position as an MSP.

The ‘but it runs for me, so why are you whining?’, ‘but hey - new website!’, ‘scripts? here is a new field on tickets’ and ‘we know there’s an issue, but we don’t actually know how widespread it is, what the cause is or how to solve it, and while we’re in this rut we probably shouldn’t be open about it, since it’s clearly could be bad for business’-approach we’ve been seeing for nearly a year isn’t helping.

Honestly, we’ve been looking at alternatives for a long time. Which is sad, because Syncro would be a brilliant, if not perfect, product if it actually did what it is supposed to do. And at a good price. But any price is too high if we’re not getting our job done, and start losing customers because we’re not doing what they’re paying us to do. Which isn’t writing replies in html instead of in text.