Scheduled Scripts - If not run, never run, every xx days/hours

Would love to see an option similar to the setup/onboarding scripts where run if not run in x or if never run. These would be useful for certain maintenance scripts. One example, is the BitLocker key retrieval. We’re attempting to run on a weekly basis. however, if the machine is offline, (and the option to skip offline) is checked, if the machine is off it won’t be able to pull it. Having a scheduled script that can be run at least every 7 days or every x hours would be a great addition.

As for the BitLocker script example, you can set it to run weekly at a certain day/time and choose whether to check the box for Offline Assets. If you check the box, it will run when it boots up.

Scripts are automatically deduped so you don’t have to worry about them stacking up when offline. The only time I see a need for the ‘don’t run if offline’ option is if it’s an intensive task like a virus scan you don’t want kicking off when a user fires up a computer. There is a ‘if never run’ option in the setup scripts at the policy level BTW.

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