Scheduled Scripts failing to run

Created a ticket last week because I noticed some scripts didn’t run at scheduled times for a particular customer. No reason as to why, systems were on and working fine. Scripts happened right before and after as well, so it was not a communication issue.

I have a weekly script set to display a message to the logged in user on Friday at noon, to remind them to leave their computers on because of updates happening that weekend.

As mentioned, a different scheduled script ran fine at 12:13 pm, but the script didn’t fire on a lot of systems at noon.

Started a ticket, and the obvious junior tech tried to tell me that a script that runs as logged in user will fail, and it won’t show in the logs. This is clearly wrong, and this tech obviously doesn’t know how scripts work because a broadcast message NEEDS to run as Logged in User in order to succeed. If the user is not logged in, it will error and show in the script history that no user was logged in.

So, I have scheduled scripts that won’t run at their scheduled times, but scripts before and after seem to run, and the tech says it’s because of my config, even though it’s not.

Can we get some feedback on this please? My ticket number is 95381.

I appreciate the addition of techs to help with support cases, but this person clearly needs more training.

Hi Mike, thank you- we will review with the Tech and go over this. It seems it could be that the script didn’t run on its schedule. Nothing to do with the script itself, especially since it has been working. We’ll keep investigating your ticket. I know we’ve had some cases similar to this.

Why after 6 months are we still seeing so many scheduled scripts that are not running.
These are scripts that are setup by policy and run on some end points and not others.
It isn’t that they are running a few minutes late, or an hour late.
We are seeing examples of scheduled scripts that never run even days or weeks later.