Schedule Maintenance Mode

Hi there!

We have an asset, that we want to monitor for uptime / offline alerts.

This machine also reboots daily at 4am, so triggers an offline alert when it goes down.

I have scheduled (via a script) that turn on Maintenance Mode for 10 minutes 5 minutes before the scheduled reboot, however it never seems to run at the correct time or doesn’t run at all.
All other scheduled scripts for this asset run on time with no issue.

Is there another way to achieve this desired effect? Even though the alerts auto resolve themself we’d like to avoid having them fired off at all if possible?


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You can adjust the offline alert so it only alerts if the asset is down longer than X, and X would be longer than your reboot duration. It sounds like it might just be an older machine that takes a while to reboot, so you could make a policy specific for this asset and apply it directly so it’s basically a one-off override, and that way the offline alert delay only impacts this machine and no others.

Yep, thats done the job, perfect, thanks Andy!

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