Schedule a time for recurring invoices

Currently we can schedule a day for recurring invoices, but not a time. Therefore, on the 1st of every month, We cannot schedule labor invoices to run prior to the monthly prepay invoices (that clears prepaid time).

This is across the board and would require a big update to implement. The PSAs I’ve used, they didn’t let us specify a time either. Syncro will send them out at 6AM CST for us. Not saying it’s a bad idea, but they probably won’t spend the dev time on this. Can you not adjust your invoice dates, say, invoice on the second and have one on the first?

Every PSA I have used allowed to schedule a time and day to run automations, or an order in which to run the automations.

To your question, no, Because of the limitations in the way Syncro invoices, I have to invoice December’s labor on Jan 1. If I invoice on Jan 2, it will also bill out the labor for Jan 1. If I invoice Dec 31, it wont bill the labor for Dec 31. It must invoice labor on Jan 1. I Cannot invoice prepay hours until after I have invoiced for labor, because prepay hours reset BEFORE the invoice runs. The invoice options are inclusive or exclusive, so if I pick inclusive and invoice on Jan 2, it doesn’t cover Jan 1.

I need to run labor invoices before prepay invoices, but I cannot because all invoices are run at 6am, once per day.

Do you work for Syncro? Why do you keep commenting on requests and effort level, and whether or not Syncro will devote any effort? Stop trolling if you don’t.

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Users helping users, I’m not trolling, but you seem to be in a bad mood, I just won’t attempt to assist you anymore and I’m sure others will take note as well. I was done with this post, but you tagged me back in a week later. If you’ve been around long enough, Syncro has divulged a lot of info on what is worthy of development time and what is not. Something that helps the few will have low priority vs something that can help the masses. Going from something that is globally controlled to a granular control system is a big change and a lot of development time. Syncro would need to see community support backing your request and more info on why it’s important to the whole community before they spend the development time on such a request.

It’s not helping. Thank you for not speaking on behalf of Syncro or the community.

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Is this request something Syncro indeed would not spend dev time on, as was suggested in the thread?

We are looking into this problem too. Currently we have set Syncro to UTC across the system to take out the timezone problems, but that includes Syncro charging invoices at 1AM CST, 2AM EST. We would like to have the ability to change the time the customer is in so emails, SLA’s, and business hours match the client timezone.