Schedule a one-time ticket for a future date

Similar to a recurring ticket, I want to schedule a single ticket for a future date. The current behavior I see is the system nags me after ticket creation when the ticket isn’t updated in a certain period of time. This behavior is desirable in most cases, but in cases where I want to create the ticket and add details, but schedule it for a future date, it doesn’t work as I expect. Recurring tickets don’t support a one-time configuration from what I can see.

As an example, I have a user out on leave, coming back in a few months. I want to create a ticket to kick off the day the user comes back, with all my details prepopulated and ready to go. Is this achievable?

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I don’t think this is possible directly through the web UI, however you can create new tickets directly through scripting. So sounds like the easiest way might be to get a script setup to create the ticket with the details you want, and then schedule that script to run once at the specific date/time.

Thank you for the suggestion. That seems like an elegant workaround. I’ll look into it!