Saving a report as a FAVORITE?

I am probably doing something wrong… or perhaps this doesn’t work properly when in TRAIL MODE for 30 days?? But I’ll try to explain what’s happening. I go to the REPORTS tab… I click on ASSET TYPE ‘Syncro Device’ and leave CUSTOMER NAME set to blank. I run the report, and it shows all devices (5 currently I’m testing with)

I then click CUSTOMIZE so I can choose what FIELDS I want displayed as columns. I get exactly a view I’m looking for… I click SAVE FAVORITE which brings up a window that says “Report Favorites save the state the report is in right now and can be recalled back with a single click.” and I give it a name. On the reports tab, it shows up as a new FAVORITE report. All seems great.

But if I click then on ANY of my FAVORITE REPORTS, it displays whatever the LAST view was. So, at the moment, I was 4 different NAMED reports, that all display the last view I had when I click on any of them.

I don’t work in reports a lot so maybe one of the other members that are in there more can chime in. I would say this sounds like a bug and you should email support

Yeah, I’ll email them. I am trying not to hit tech support too hard while still in TRIAL but it’s definitely weird.

Got your ticket! :slight_smile: don’t worry about being on trial, ask anything any time.

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I found a workaround that solves my immediate need, but I’ve confirmed with others… it’s not working the way anyone thinks it should. I’ll reach out to Alexandra as well and clarify. They really should make it behave differently.

Hi @VerandaTech

I see that after you created a support ticket, we’ve submitted a feature request on your behalf. You can also post any other feature requests here: Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community. These are reviewed regularly and also allows for other users to engage and up-vote.