Saved Searches triggering automation

The main one I’m thinking of is any machine at “Pending Reboot” get an automated ticket to reboot the machine overnight.

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I love this one… Put me down for this as well

This can have a lot of negative downstream effects.

I am curious if we simplified this and added the ability for a pending reboot to trip an Automated Remediation. Would this get you to the same place?

That would work for me, I don’t even care if it makes a ticket first so we know it’s going to happen. With Windows updates being as finicky as they are, making sure these reboots happen is annoying.

Oh, and a branded reboot with the option to defer a few times so they can save data would be nice “just in case”. We do have clients that work strange hours these days.

Ok I will talk to the product team about this. There might be a better way to do this I bet I was just spitballing, but it really sounds like you need a way to automated reboots for assets pending a reboot.

Now that we are talking about it, I almost wonder if a new policy setting might work too where it’s like if an asset is pending a reboot, reboot it on this schedule type thing.

Let them know I’m available if they want more info or case usages. We use smart searches all the time when managing Macs in our Jamf Pro and pushing actions when machines enter the smart group. Super easy to use and kind of “set it and forget it” for management.

Yeah I don’t think we’d be implementing a lot of functionality around smart searches I. The way you’re describing. So trying to see how we can tease some of the value from that into specific use case we can resolve in other ways.

What’s interesting is that Mac managers love smart searches, and Windows admins dislike them. Wonder why that is.

I’m curious what your team comes up with, this would help us out a lot.