Saved Search for Low RAM and Online Assets

I would like to filter assets by those which have less than 4GB memory and another filter for assets that are online/offline.

I have tried to create a saved search with asset property tag RAM less or equal than 4. This didnt work. I tried to make the value 4GB, 4 GB, 4000, 4000000 etc not of these worked.

I also see no option for online/offline property, or maybe I am missing something.


There are 2 tags, one is RAM and the other is RAM GB. I tested the RAM one, same as you, doesn’t work. I tested the RAM GB one and I was able to pull up results.

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Amazing, thank you very much.

Wonder if now someone else can help with the online/offline property.

I don’t believe there is one, it’s been requested a few times that I know of.

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Closest you can get right now is adding a property condition for Last Sync and setting it greater than a time at least 6 hours ago. This is far from exact though and you will miss some online or catch some that are offline. I also found i have some online that haven’t synced in a long time, so that’s great and I need to look into LOL. EDIT: you can add Last Sync as a column in Assets btw.

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We need a force upgrade button. If they haven’t synced in a while, they may be on an old version. Saw someone else complain about this recently.

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I recently migrated from ITarian and I find it surprising that this basic functionality is missing. It’s a learning curve for sure.

Can you force a sync to an single or group of assets?

You can force sync with this script: Task - Force Full/Large Sync -
I’ve never looked into forcing an upgrade, not sure if I’ve had any issues with that. The 3 assets I was worried about, 2 of them fixed themselves since this morning and the third was an unmanaged machine that hadn’t rebooted in a while, so I kicked that off and after sitting a bit it’s synced fine.

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