Saved Asset Search

Trying to figure out how to do this so maybe someone can shed some light for me:

We want to run a search of all machines that have Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 installed on them.
If I do a saved search and have that in the Installed Application field I get a bunch of results - some have 2019 installed some have 2016 etc.
If I do a search and use quotes (which I don’t know for certain you can do or not) “Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013” I get zero results. This is specifically how it is listed for an asset under Installed Apps.

Ideally I would like to search for all machines that 2013 OR OLDER but I’m fine searching for 2013 and then 2010 etc if I can get an accurate list.
Anyone successfully do this?


You might can play with the version. Office 2010 is V14.x, 2013 is V15.x. I ran a dirty test real quick using < 16 and it pulled up results, but other “office” components like visual studio, pulled up because it was V10. It needs more flexibility, if I could tell it <16 but >13, then it would probably narrow it down more.

Thanks for the reply Jimmie but that still gives out a less than optimal answer. Several systems still show up in the search that have Office 365 (with latest apps) / some with no Office installed at all (but the word Office shows up in their installed apps - ie Laserfische Office add-in)
So still hoping for the Magic combination that shows accurately all assets with Microsoft Office 2013 (and ideally earlier too)

Got it, yeah there’s a lack of documentation here. So I did a search for “Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010” for application and then < 15 and it only pulled up 3 results and appeared accurate. When I did “Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013” < 16, I got 2 results. The problem is when you need to go broader than that because all office components are labeled “Microsoft Office 2010 blah blah” or “Microsoft Office blah blah 2010” and the version is the same as the office installed. I built searches like this in CWA, but I could do and/or statements there so it was easy to build a list like you’re asking, I just don’t see an easy way to narrow down to Office product installs only unless you build one for each actual product like I did.

Not sure if this helps but I believe the search in the saved assets on custom fields, and possibly more, is currently broken.

I have a script that populates the uptime of an asset in days to an asset custom field. When I do a search for more than 15 days, the search seems to only use the first digit in the field, in this case the 1. So it shows me every asset that’s been on over 1 day.

If I change it to 30 days, it only recognizes the 3.

I have had a ticket open on this since March of '21. I was emailed a week ago saying it was fixed, but when I went to try it, the search is still only looking at the first digit.

Since your original question is centered around the asset search, it could be related in how it is parsing this info from the fields it’s looking at.