Saved Asset Search not picking up out-dated Edge

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, the same process worked for Chrome.

Hi Randy! I was able to pull results with this query. Two less than 99.0.1150.55 and one equal to. What results are you seeing?

Thanks for the reply Alexandra! Syncro is reporting over 400 endpoints, but when I go into the details on those endpoints, they are all updated to 99.0.1150.55. :sweat:


Another One:

Thanks! I just created a ticket for you, we’re going to get this logged as a bug.

The problem seems to be that ‘Microsoft Edge’ matches the Update install entry also, which is version 1.3 and therefore less than any version number you specify, so all machines get returned. Unless Syncro adds an option for exact matches or respecting quotation marks this can’t really be resolved.

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Oh boy. Thanks for the insight Issac! Fingers crossed they can add that option. Thankfully, I rarely use Saved Asset Search. I tried a few years back but ran into similar issues with inconsistent results and big oversights like this. Does anyone know another way around this, maybe a different solution to search assets for particular apps/updates? I tired to add quotation marks, wishful thinking I guess.This seems like a vital feature of any RMM.

The whole saved asset search needs to be revamped to a universal evaluation rule system like they have with the proeprty conditions for syncro assets or automated remediation. I heard andy say a while back that some major changes were coming with SAS, so hopefully soon. Otherwise your only solution is scripting.