Sales workflow review

Hi all,

Been using Syncro for about a year now. Some limitations (most notably for me no HTML in tickets which I believe will soon be fixed), but mostly does what I need.

I am a little confused with the correct Sales Workflow in Syncro. For a minor project it would be something like Lead > Opportunity > Estimate > Work Order - Purchase Orders and/or part orders > Invoice.

Optionally for a more project based system you would have a ‘Project’ with your PO’s and Parts going under that.

Syncro doesn’t seems to miss the part in the middle. There is no work order, PO’s are isolated and not linked to anything other than the product, and Parts can only be linked to a ticket.

Am I missing something? How do others use the system for projects? How do you track PO’s and Part orders?

I have been in the process of customizing Dynamics 365 to integrate with Syncro. I got products and accounts syncing. I am struggling with invoice line items though. The goal is to oneday use Dynamics for all sales and service that requires equipment and external contractors, leaving Syncro to do remote support services and automated invoicing only. But its a long slow and costly process. If there is a better way known, I would really appreciate peoples input.