Running one script multiple times a day

I have a policy set up with multiple instances of a script, set to run every three hours over the working day. Only the last instance seems to run. In the screenshot, notice that in the overview, Scripting shows the number “2” even though I have 6 script entries.

There isn’t a way to select this interval using the Frequency selector. The closest I can get is Hourly or Daily. How to run one script multiple times a day?

Scripts are deduplicated on the policy. You would basically need to clone the script and give it different names.

That explains what I’m seeing.

I’ll submit a feature request to Syncro: add an “Every N” option to the hourly frequency.

Thanks for your help.

To be clear this task is already on our radar. It won’t be “every N,” but it won’t dedupe if the scheduled time is different. That was done in error. I don’t have an exact timeframe, but when the update goes out you could have a script on one inherited policy to run at say 12pm, and then the same script from another policy running at say 3pm and that would become additive in the effective policy. In other words, only identical scripts scheduled for identical times would be deduped from that point forward. Sorry about that one.