Running a script every morning

What would I configure if I would like a script to run on certain assets every morning. Would it be under set up scripts → run if not run within 1 day? Thanks

From your screenshot it looks like you’re trying to tie this recurring script to a policy. This policy setting will run the script the first time the agent is installed to setup the asset. It won’t run again. What you’ll want are Script Schedules. Here is a quick example:

This script will run every morning at 8 AM. I’m using the ‘Skip Offline Assets’ option here. If this setting is disabled instead, the script will run when the computer is offline. The script will be in a pending state until the machine comes back online and then the script will run right away.

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Ah thanks. I knew it was somewhere.

Also, is there a way to set this up in a policy? Like if you have this policy, run this script every day at 6am?

Yup, the screenshot comes from the scripting section of policies.