Run scripts from Tickets

It would be really nice and reduce the clicks and tracking if we could have a place in the ticket window to initiate a script on a computer, and be able to log that on the ticket as an entry.

Essentially, instead of just tracking time and communication, we would track “tasks” performed so we can track these as a completely new activity. It should be seamless where we don’t have to leave the ticket window to fire off a script, and have it log at the same time.


This was somewhere on the community track, but was halted when the program halted. It also had multi-select as part of the request so you could select more than one agent to run scripts on. You can currently click the Quick View button and run a script from the ticket screen. The logging part wasn’t part of the initial request though.

I remember that. Maybe we can get some feedback from someone here as to if and when we’ll have this ability ever.

This is by far one of the most time consuming things I spend my time on, because of no central management / reporting.

+1 for this. I’d suggest and AR but they can only trigger off alerts and the system cannot pass the script a ticket number to be able to log back the results so this would 100% be the way to go.

This would be great, but I’d like to add to it. It would also be nice to be able to run scripts under ticket automations. Example would be, ticket comes in for “My printer isn’t working”. Ticket automation would run a script to restart the print spooler and clear the queue. This would be amazing!

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Love it. This is more like AI where it can read and pick up on keywords in the ticket.

This is a great idea. Would love to see it implemented. We have quite a few scenarios where having a ticket automation action of “Run Script” would be very handy.

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