Run Script Against Saved Search, but make it Dynamic

I noticed that we can target a saved search when running a script, but this doesn’t appear to be dynamic.

I was trying to find a way to reboot all the assets that have the Pending Reboot field. I looked around and I found that the Pending Reboot field is a property condition under the saved asset search. I can build a saved asset search, then I could run a script to target that Saved Search, however often I wanted it to run, but it doesn’t appear to be dynamic. This means that whatever assets match the very first time the script runs is what will continue to be targeted.

PLEASE EXPAND ON THIS AND MAKE THIS DYNAMIC - If the saved asset searches were dynamically created every time the script ran, it would bring so much power and even more automation to the platform.

In the case of the Pending Reboot, what should happen is that if I target a saved asset search, it should look to see what assets match that search and run against those only. So if I schedule a script to run every night at 9 pm, it would find all the assets that match that criteria, then reboot them. This would clear that field and then the following night, the script would run but it would only find the ones that matched.

The Pending Reboot is just one example. If these were dynamically generated each time a script was targeting a saved search, it would open up so much more automation for us.


Yes the whole saved asset searches are static. They only refresh when you click the link or refresh the page. Even the number next to the search won’t update automatically. Also, if you schedule a recurring script on a group, it’s really doing it per asset, so you can’t even bulk manage it after you set it. Ideally, I would love to see more tabs when you edit a saved asset search and one of those tabs would be scripts, where you can schedule scripts against the search, but that would also require it to be dynamic. There’s so much automation you can do with dynamic groups, Syncro is really missing out on a lot of potential here. This is one area of CWA that I would praise them on for getting right. It validated each group every hour to add/remove agents from the group. I used this a ton to remove software or add software, or audit stuff.

This is something we’ve been looking for as well for quite some time.

Is there any official response from Syncro Dev as to if this is on the roadmap? We were hopefully that the nested policy implementation would have given this to us but because they are client specific and an asset can only belong in one folder it’s not helping this problem much.

As of today we are working on a design that leverages a daily role detection script that instruments the windows task scheduler local to the asset.

They had the opportunity to embrace this kind of dynamic power when they rebuilt the policy system and they chose not to. Andy and others are fully aware of what other rmm’s are capable of and they purposely didn’t go down that path. I’ve heard before that it would be ‘too complicated/complex’ and would lead to people doing things they didn’t expect (and therefore more support tickets for Syncro I’m sure). With great power comes great responsibility, give me the capability. Anyway, for this and other reasons (6 hour syncs, 1 hour ticket automations, report limits, recurring invoice and sync issues at peak times, etc) I can only conclude that Syncro either doesn’t have the technical capacity, or doesn’t have the database robustness, or doesn’t have the money (or a combination thereof) to fund such dynamic and realtime functions so they just avoid them when possible. I don’t foresee this changing anytime soon unless they have some major revamp in the works that allows them to do more with less.

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This is probably one of my most wanted features. I was actually on the line with a product specialist the other day and I asked him specifically about this and he kinda chuckled and said I must be familiar with Datto RMM. I said yes, that is a product I’m intimately familiar with and having dynamic searches/filters to be able to script against is a game changer.

CWA has dynamic groups and is about the only thing that worked well. I miss the power of dynamic groups, hopefully one day, Syncro will have them.