Run a Techsuite Procedure using the scripting engine

We make it super easy to run things like Techsuite in our scripting engine.

Setup your script

  1. Go to Techsuite and download "Console Version."
  2. Go to Syncro, Scripts, Add Files, and upload "Techsuite_console.exe" to the shared files.
  3. Go to Scripts, New Script, and set it up like this with the required file.
    Editing Script
  4. Now you can start scripting!


Once you have the file attached and required in the script, you can do all the Techsuite console functions like this.

Install VLC

Type: Powershell
RunAs: System

$Params = "-r,--tool,Install VLC"
$ParsedParams = $Params.Split(",")
& "C:\temp\techsuite.exe" $ParsedParams

In this script example you can see we are passing params "--tool" and "Install VLC" - you can use this to run any of the Techsuite tools.

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