Run a script on all assets

I have a script I want to run on 1 customer who has 100+devices. How do I do that.

Type the customer name in the Search All The Things, then click the icon to view all their assets. Check all, then at the top select Manage > Run Script. Make sure the checkbox at the top is checked to run against more than 100. Alternate method is going to Assets & RMM and filtering by customer name and do the same thing.

Thank you. still learning the tool.

NP, a big tip, don’t go to Actions > Run Script. This will run on all instead of the ones you have selected. Seen a bunch of people make that mistake, including reboots in the middle of the day lol.

on a similar note if you don’t mind sharing how to manually run windows updates on a selected customer. I have a new client who wants me to run Windows Updates manually on all their machines over this weekend.

This one is a little more tricky…there is no “run all updates now” button. You can run the report " Missing Patches By KB Report" for that customer, and then click install down the line next to all the things. But, that doesn’t always work.

So within the platform, the best/easiest way would probably be to just create a temp Windows Update profile and choose Weekly, then pick Saturday or Sunday, get the policy set the way you want it, and then assign that policy to a special folder under the Customer - Assets & Policies that you need to create, and then move the machines into that folder OR simply assign that policy to the folder the machines are already in, only when ready to do the updates, and it should apply the policy and kick off updates, then remove it after you’re done. It’s really not great…

Any reason you can’t just…decide a recurring frequency that works for your customer and set up a policy to recur as discussed? That’s the recommended and best way to do this. Shouldn’t be manually updating 99% of things.

They don’t want to wait will the last Saturday of this month. They wanted me to make sure all systems are updated as their previous IT guy never did any updates.

A couple of other options options.

Abc-update, but I haven’t used it. I think @isaacg has?

Community library script to install all.

Sure, but they should be updated more than once a month anyway. Servers should be weekly IMO and workstations daily. So if you set up those policies accordingly, you can start patching everything, almost right away and not have to do any workarounds.

Hey Anil,

The better way to do this is to go to the Assets tab, and then go to Actions > Run Script. Then, under “Asset Filter Type” in the modal that pops up you can segment by all sorts of stuff (including customer):

This shouldn’t be the case. If you do Actions > Run Script you get the modal with all the power filters…

People check what they want to run but the Actions way ignores check marks and runs against what matches the criteria instead, which is usually more than what is checked.

The criteria has to be set, though. The form modal won’t validate without it. It also defaults to null which means you can’t skip the “Asset Filter Type” and have it do something unexpected.

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just relaying other’s experience. I’ve seen several post and replies where people accidentally used the Actions menu and ran scripts against systems they didn’t mean to. Even if you scope it to validation, people are still expecting it to only run against the systems they have checked. I don’t think it’s clicking that “All Syncro Devices” is including assets that aren’t checked. I think a safety measure here would be to disable Actions > Run Script if you have assets checked?

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Perhaps. I think there was a flow from a long time ago where you could accidentally trip a script across all assets, but that was pre-policy inheritance even. Once we implemented this modal that’s not possible now. You’d have to select some assets, then do Actions ? Run Script, then specifically select to run it against “All Assets,” and then trigger the rest of it as well.

We could certainly disable the action of checkmarks are selected, I am just not sure if that is overkill or not.

In fact, if anyone has recently had this happen to them and used some other flow that what I listed above please chime in. I’m curious to see if there is some other flow that is possibly tripping this for users.

LOL Andy, you replied with my exact fix on this. Syncro User Group | Facebook

Lol seems it didn’t come up after since I had forgotten about that :).

Ok so seems like people are bulk selecting assets, not using the bulk selection action menu, using the global action instead, choosing to run it against “all assets,” and when it does run against all assets that doesn’t work as expected (because they assumed it was only all of the selected assets).

This obviously didn’t surface up internally. I will raise it again if I see more of these pop up. If that really is a thing, I think I’d rather just add a selection to that modal for “selected assets” if any are checked.

To the OP’s question, though, this is 100% the best practices method of running scripts against a customer. Bulk selecting assets should really only be use in very, very specific circumstances since you can already target all, saved searches, policy folders, and customers with that control.

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Yep, happened to me. I think it’s unintuitive to have an option to reboot all endpoints across the board if only some are selected.

+1 for having this changed.

Can I ask in this instance the flow you used to accidentally trigger reboots against all assets so I can confirm? Thanks.