RoadMaps, let us know whats on the way

I dont need timelines, just a roadmap. Tell me what your working on, whats on deck and whats down the pipe. HaloPSA does this really well with their roadmap kanban board


Please! This is not only exciting for us, but would potentially keep people from jumping ship due to greener pastures at other RMM/PSA.


We need this. I’m actively searching for something with more direction. We need more communication from Syncro, not less. You have a rabid and active community. Don’t starve them.


I’m interested in the Watchman acquisition. I think that’ll be a huge help to Syncro and just curious on when we can expect it?


Same, very interested in how Watchman will impact Syncro!

For sure this is needed. When i first started using Syncro we was getting weekly updates etc. that seems to have dried up now. Even on their own website the last release note was back in September Release Notes - SyncroMSP.

Having a Road map keeps us all up to date with what you are working on.

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I completely agree. We used to get constant updates and bug fixes with the cool guy voice. Honestly, ever since the price increase updates/bug fixes have completely stopped.
Something like the customer drop down on the customer tab has been broken for 2+ Months. Why does this take 2 months to be looked into?
The last major update was that annoying policy inheritance that has made things worse that was forced on us.


Just adding my vote to this, definitely needed. It’s so important to communicate with your users, especially these days.