RMM Package feature is being deprecated as part of our Policy Inheritance feature rollout

I would like to get a hand on understand how to migrate these effectively, and accurately please! I think I understand, but would like to double check, and see what advisement you may have that I’m not thinking of with the migration process.

Is there a documentation SOP for utilizing another method of classifying assets for billing purposes, such as creating a custom field containing the package name, using a Saved Asset Search to filter those assets, and then using our “Asset/RMM Counter” line item on your recurring invoice in conjunction with your Saved Asset Search? If not, perhaps we can get one started!

Thank you!

@revivaltechrepair Documentation is being worked on and will be released before the launch. I’ll break down the options here for now.

  1. Use Saved Asset Searches as a replacement for the RMM Package line item type in recurring invoices. This works well if you have a handful of packages that you sell. You can add an Asset Custom Field to your assets and tag each asset with the package the asset is on. The Saved Asset Search can use that field to make a list of those assets and that list can be used on the recurring invoices.

  2. The preferred method would be to use the replacement for RMM Packages. There will be a ‘Policy Folder’ line item type for recurring invoices after the Policy Inheritance launch. Every asset goes into a folder/sub-folder with a policy or policies applied. These folders can be selected in the recurring invoice schedule and given a description and price.

I’d recommend going with option 2. Option 1 would be a good solution if there are a lot of recurring invoices on the account to avoid a lapse in billing. Option 1 can be set up to keep billing moving. That will give you some time to transition to option 2 at your own pace.

Option 1 can be a little confusing if you’re not very familiar so I’ll go into more detail here.

  1. Go to ‘Assets & RMM > Actions > Manage Asset Types > Syncro Device - Manage Fields > New Field’
  2. Here is an example I made and what I’ll be using for this walk-through:
  3. Edit your assets and select the correct plan for each asset.
  4. Head over to ‘Asset & RMM > Saved Search > Create New’ and make a search for each package. This is my search for the ‘Gold Package’
  5. When making the recurring invoice, select the asset counter along with that saved search
  6. The line item will automatically update with the quantity of assets with that custom field applied.
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Ooooooo, wow! Ok ok. Going to need to strap into the fancy computer and wrap my head around these steps this weekend for sure! Much much appreciated!

@revivaltechrepair A new KB has been released that goes into more detail: RMM Package deprecation

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Awesome! This is now second in priority to figure out, deadline coming up fast! Lol. Thanks!

I have added a setup script to the policies to populate what I call Billing Code to the proper setting.MAde the task take less than an hour to do about 600 assets.

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