RMM Alert Mutes UI needs love

ref https://admin.syncromsp.com/rmm_alert_mutes

Background: It’s possible to accidentally Mute an RMM Alert that we didn’t mean to. That’s on us, but we need a way to review the RMM Alert Mutes for that situation.

Unfortunately, for a variety of UI reasons, that review is extremely cumbersome. Problems and solutions to make it usable:

  • Paging: 15 per page → please give us a dropdown to choose 15/50/100/200 per page
  • Sorting: default completely random → please set a default sort – just pick literally ANY of those columns
  • Sorting: no way to do our own sorting → please let us click column headers to sort (like the Assets list)
  • Search/Filtering: nothing → please give us search/filtering
  • Columns: no accountability → please add WHO muted it, and a notes field for WHY
  • Columns: “Affected Asset” isn’t enough info → Please add a Customer column (so we can tell which SERVER1), linked to its Customer page, and link the Asset to its Asset page
  • Noise: full of Mutes with “Mute Until” in the past (ironic since Alerts have no history themselves!) = lots of noise after monthly maintenance windows → please clear the expired Mutes
  • Noise: keeps mutes for Assets that have been deleted (that column just goes blank) → please clear Mutes for removed Assets

There is no way to vote or view votes but this is definitely something I’ve noticed as well.

I agree with all of your listed enhancements and would add that we could also use the ability to multi select so we we want to clear 5 or 6 we should be able to do them all at once rather than one at a time.

I think they’re just using the “Like” feature for votes. Thanks for that!

Agreed about multi-select – just like Assets or Alerts.

Unfortunately, it looks like I can’t even my original post to add multi-select! This new Feature Request thing is kind of a let-down :frowning: