Ricoh snmp

Can anyone point me to a resource about using SNMP with Ricoh MFPs. I found some documentation online, but can’t see to get it to work. Appreciate any OID Recipes anyone has for Ricoh.


Start with one of the Canons I posted to the other thread. Some of the addresses are generic and will at least pick something up. Verify in the copier that SNMP v1/v2 is enabled and the community string is set to ‘public’. Some devices require a network filter, set it to for testing, lock it down later.

Do your debugging with the green circle checkmark in the edit screen as it is much faster to get results.

While debugging make sure to add a .0 or .1 on to the end to see if that will return a result. For example the oidref for doesn’t return a value unless you use

There are lots of references online like OIDREF.COM but sometimes you need to download the MIBs and run them though something like MIB Browser. I also run SnmpWalk to query the device directly once I have a numerical prefix I think will return usable info.

Added for future reference a link to the OIDs I mentioned.