Retrieve KabutoCustomerID via API (or other means)?

Hello everyone,

Do any of you know how I can retrieve a KabutoCustomerID (the one used in the command-line installation method) without having to actually manually go into the Syncro Dashboard and look it up?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

You can use the API to get the customer ID.

This is the command:

curl -X GET "https://[YOUR_SUBDOMAIN][SEARCH_QUERY]" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: [API_KEY]"

To use it replace the following fields:

  • Replace [YOUR_SUBDOMAIN] with your account’s subdomain
  • Replace [SEARCH_QUERY] with what you want to search for the customer with. This could be the customer’s name, business name, phone number, or email address. You can also dial in the search to search a specific field. The options can be found here: SyncroMSP API Docs
  • Replace [API_KEY] with an API key from your account that has permission to view customers.

The ID will be displayed with the rest of the customer details in the response:

Also, the Agent Installer script found in our App Center does this lookup automatically. The ID is also found in the URL when you go open the customer’s profile in Syncro.

Hey @Frank !

Thanks for the reply.
While I can obtain the “Customer ID” you’re referencing via API, my understanding is that the CustomerID I’m looking for is different from the one returned via that GET request. See Screenshot from Syncro’s Help doc below:

Pulled from here:

In my testing, the “CustomerID” being referenced in the screenshot above seems to be different than the one returned via API.

The ones via API begin with 2 and the ones found in the “command-line” install window begin with 7.

Any ideas there?

I’ll admit, I’ve not used the “Search Query” format during my API requests, nor have I worked with the Agent Installer.

Any docs out there to help better understand the use case/power etc of the Agent Installer?

Thanks in advance!

@Frank Just realized that we never heard back from you about this.
Any updates? Best I can tell, we’re trying to figure out how to get what’s referred to as the “Kabuto ID” for the Customer via API.

Any ideas?