Resolving/Closing Tickets

PSA - Ticketing: How can I close out a ticket without adding a comment? I’m finding that I get errors if I don’t include a closing statement in the ticket description when I attempt to close or resolve the ticket. Example: I replied via ticket with the confirmed answer to a question a user had. I closed the ticket as there was no follow-up needed. They responded back to the ticket with “Thank you” which opened the ticket back up. I can now no longer re-close this ticket unless I add more notes to it, which is a little redundent/repetitve. Is there a way I can resolve the ticket without deleting it and without adding a new comment? Or am I missing a feature, etc?

Are you trying to resolve the ticket from the Communication box? If so, that’s why it requires a comment. At the top of the ticket, click Actions > Resolve to close it without a comment.

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