Resolved tickets do not get archived in Toggl

The App Center description for Toggl says, “We will create a Toggl ‘Project’ for each of your tickets, and archive them when you resolve the ticket.”

The project creation part is working, but none of my tickets are getting archived, so I have to do it manually. Is there a secret to automatically archiving Toggl projects?

Also, it would be nice if, when a project is created in Toggl, it would also assign the client, instead of just including the customer name in the project name.

Thanks for reading.

Hi Bill! This may need to be amended. The documentation notes it as a manual step. I suspect that is going to be how it is. I’m going to open a case with development so they can either adjust the app card or investigate the archive function.

If Syncro is about making me more money, then save me from having to waste time archiving projects in toggl. You already have the toggl project ID. One more API call could archive the project, yes? I may look into scripting this myself, but I don’t know if I can trigger an action on ticket status change.

Let me revise this request. Instead of the customer name, put the ticket Subject in the toggl title. That will be much easier to recognize if you have more than one project per customer. So, rather than “5999 - Company name”, make it “5999 - server migration” for example. That along with assigning the client as I originally requested, would make the toggl integration much more user friendly.

I just tested it on my end and it did archive the project automatically so something else is going on. If you view your archived projects, are there any there that you didn’t do manually?

What exact steps do you take when archiving a ticket in Syncro? And finally, what is a ticket that you resolved in Syncro which was not archived in Toggl? Are you using ‘Quick Resolve’?

OK, just resolved some tickets today, and they DID get archived in Toggl. Some of the tickets that did not get archived last week were quite old, maybe that had something to do with it? At any rate, the behavior today was correct and will be a great help.

To answer your other questions, I don’t archive tickets in Syncro. I just mark them resolved. I never use Quick Resolve.

Thanks for testing. Keep this as Solved, but please add the related request to your feature request list.

Age could be part of it. I know it only works on tickets created since integrating, so if they were already existing it’s not going to run on those. I also found in testing that Quick Resolve did not archive the project, but the Resolve button did (for any Toggl users that come across this thread.) If you see it happening on any new ones definitely let me know.

I’ll get your feature request added in. I think that would be a good idea, especially after seeing them listed in projects, I also wanted to see the ticket name there. If I have 10 projects under the same customer I don’t identify by the ticket number and don’t want to cross-check them all. Good call!