Reset a contact MFA

What is the proper procedure to reset a Customer contact’s MFA, in case they lost or replaced their device? They do not have the backup codes and to be honest, I wouldn’t expect any of the users to have stored them anyways.

Should be able to uncheck Require MFA and save on the contact. After that, try enabling again to see if it kicks off the setup.

Thanks Jimmie, I’ve given that a shot and am just waiting on the user to confirm.

User reports that they are not prompted to set up MFA again. Fortunately they still have their old phone so I can walk them through transferring Google Authenticator over.

Has anyone found a way to reset the MFA for Portal Users?

I got a client who had to get a new phone and has no access to his old authenticator.

If you expand the Portal User menu there’s an option to disable MFA there.

This did not let me reset the Authenticator only disabled it on the clients account.

Where is the reset MFA button. People change phones a lot these days.

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Hi @david4, from chatting with support you would need to remove and recreate the portal login.

Just remove and recreate the login?!?

Does that mean just turning off the Portal User or Deleting the entire contact?

It’s unbelievable that there is not a “Send MFA Reset Link” in the same place as the “Send Password Reset Link”.

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