Reports for customers

Trying to create a report to give to my customers the overall health of their network. Most of syncros reports seem to be for internal use. Is this something Syncro does or do I need a 3rd party application for this? I am pretty much looking for it to show Asset information, Patches, AV status, Last AV threat, Firewall status, Last reboot, Disk space. Something I can hand to the customer and let them look at. I came from Pulseway and this was one of the things we used often with it. I am hoping Syncro has a feature like this.

Executive Summary Report Builder is what you want. You probably won’t be able to get exactly what you’re looking for but that’s the best there is with Syncro.

I tried to champion for metrics such as % health and overall scores, but I was informed that this wasn’t necessary, even though when I built out our Executive Summary report in our previous RMM, our customers loved being able to see green for good, red for bad, and % scores. The report Isaac mentioned is what you have to work with.

Hi there! I’m looking for the same thing. How can I do this at 1 time? I want to be able to have all our assets get a report every 4 months or so, which will show them everything we’ve done for them. I see the reports and I understand it, for the most part. I know you can create a saved list of assets. Is there a way to use that list to send my reports? I don’t want to individually send each one. Thanks for any help!

Reports can be scheduled and sent automatically, just look for the Schedule button on the report. You can then specify what companies or a saved company search.

Reports are still an area that needs a LOT of work. Only a small portion of Syncro data is available. The reports have artificial limits like you cannot do a weekly data set, but you can do monthly.

I would really like to see Syncro open the data up to a reporting platform like PowerBI.