Reporting $$$ in Pipeline

My business is starting to have the need for predicting/forecasting to ensure we are focusing on the right activities. We are in the habit of creating estimates inside of Syncro for projects. I’m trying to come up with a way to total the number of dollars in my pipeline. I’d define this as any estimate that is in fresh status, and also any approved estimate that hasn’t already been invoiced out. The only issue with the tracking on invoicing that I can see is our flow doesn’t actually have an invoice related directly to an estimate. We will create a ticket from the estimate (or sometimes an estimate from a ticket). Then we will link the charges to the ticket (adding the actual billed about of time (removing the estimated time) then invoicing from the ticket. I guess the $$$ in pipeline should also include pending charges on tickets. Does anyone have an idea how I can accomplish this? I’m fine with it being accomplished through the API.