Report to see Windows 10 Version

I am wanting to find out which computers are on which windows 10 version. I was thinking a report I could run that would break down which computers are on which version.

I believe I have a script that can update the machines to the newest version.

Any ideas on a report that I could run like that?

You can monitor with Monitor - Windows Update -
And autoremediate alerts with Task - Upgrade Windows 10 -
Just do it after hours of course since it will force reboot.
If you just want to see a list you can add the OS build column to the asset view or the asset audit report.

Last I looked I don’t think windows 10 versions were incrementing past 21H 1 or 2, is that wrong or do we need to update the script with a version hash table for converting current versions to test dates?

My script already takes into the account the H1/H2 designations. 21H2 is the current version. EOL for it is Jun 13, 2023 and EOL for Windows 10 in general isn’t til October 2025. Here’s the current policy on MS’s site:

Beginning with Windows 10, version 21H2, feature updates for Windows 10 release are released annually, in the second half of the calendar year, to the General Availability Channel. They will be serviced with monthly quality updates for 18 or 30 months from the date of the release, depending on the lifecycle policy.

So we should expect a 22H2 in the fall most likely (or whatever random name they decide to call it). So as long as you specify over 12months in the monitor script you should be fine.

Yes I know you’re handling converting h1/h2 to yyMM, I have a to-do to review the script I’ve been using (probably an earlier version of yours). Because last fall someone was saying win 11 came out as 21H2 but windows 10 stayed 21h1 but the build number incremented. I knew I have ~18 mo to get around to reviewing so I haven’t done it yet. If that was just wrong and 10 is still getting the yyMM ID updated every release that would be great.

EDIT: This post got me thinking about it so I just looked and from any example machines I can find to look at looks like whoever I was talking to saying the yyH1/H2 designator was not incrementing on Win 10 was just wrong. Thats good to know.

This is super simple, although maybe not what you’re looking for. I go to the Assets tab in Syncro and add the OS BUILD column, sort that OS BUILD column and done.

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Thats probably the most direct answer to the OP. I do this at times but you still have to take 18363 and 19041 and any other build numbers and look them up to see what actual releases they are and if they are still supported etc.

Post this on the wall :laughing:

I’ll memorize it and then it will be like the Matrix, see a wall of scrolling nubmers and instead of your head hurting you start seeing Server 2012r2, win 10 20h1, win10 21h2 etc :rofl:

I can understand your confusion. Microsoft still labels newer builds 2009 in one registry location, so Syncro reports that still, there is a new location that reports the H1/H2 build name instead, there was a post here recently on it so maybe they’ll fix it. And yes 10 and 11 use the same build names so I had to adjust the script for that also, now it checks the OS first before the build. The script could use build numbers instead but then I’d have to update it all the time or consult a source that does so, which I try to avoid. Another note for those who use ScreenConnect you can make a session group for EOL builds:
GuestOperatingSystemName NOT LIKE ‘Server’ AND GuestOperatingSystemVersion <= ‘10.0.19042’
And then subgroup by build and customer or whatever you want: GuestOperatingSystemVersion, CustomProperty1

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I think that post you’re talking about was mine. Posted in the feature request board and still haven’t seen any updates. Maybe we’ll get this next year. :roll_eyes: