Report or Saved Search Build Out

We’re looking for a report similar to the Vulnerable Systems report but want to be able to filter out all devices except for server OSs. Has anyone run across one or have the necessary internal report building blocks that need to be in place to run this report? I’ve tried but they aren’t clickable which is required for us.
Specifically, we’d like a report that allows us to install updates from one pane of glass without having to manually go into each device. Vulnerable Systems is the closest but we can’t find a way to filter out desktop/laptop devices to just show the servers.


Is there a reason you’re not using policies to do this? Reports are for seeing what’s getting missed not regular patching.

We have so many specialized servers that we are trying to configure the policies. Most of them onboarded for the first time that have historically not been patched regularly. Because of that we have the policies set at manual until we can determine the different policies we need to create. Hence the desire for a filterable report.

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No way to do what you want currently and Syncro doesn’t seem to put priority on improving reports (sometimes not even fixing them) so you’re out of luck on this one.

Forgive me, I’m still trying to understand the use case here. You onboard a bunch of servers that aren’t patched, and it sounds like the goal is, you’re going to make patching policies for them down the road anyway, so why do you even need to see and do them manually to start off with? If you’re going to just manually install patches regardless, why not set some sort of temp policy or whatever you want to call it, that just patches servers at a certain time but perhaps doesn’t reboot them, until you can what I assume is get them set on a more specific time or something.

I guess I just don’t understand why wait to get them on a policy.