Report on used prepay hours

Desperately need a way to report on hours used for each client, during the month. When someone purchased 16 hours/month, what do I tell them when they ask how many hours they have remaining?

This could be a deal breaker.


I have asked support about this one too. The answer was to create daily recurring invoices to collect any charged time. When charged time is invoiced for a prepaid customer the invoice will deduct time instead of creating billable charges. While this solution works, it is less than ideal. I end up with billable charges for other customers broken across multiple invoices as opposed to having them all on one invoice at the end of the month.

Using this method the “report” is to simply go to Customers and click on the customer in question. On the Overview pane you’ll see their remaining prepaid hours.

I would absolutely love it if charging time on a ticket would deduct from prepaid hours without requiring an invoice. Or add a separate button in the time log to charge time against prepaid hours. Making that new button only visible if a customer is prepaid would be even better.


That’s the problem - invoices must be generated before the hours are consumed. The problem is I invoice each month, when the hours reset, so the client has no way of knowing (nor do we) how many hours they have left.

I have yet to find any possible way to report on or track the number of hours that have been spent on each client at any point. That is not only critically important for tracking purposed, but critically important for clients who want to see their usage.

Invoicing daily is not even close to a possibility - we would lose every single client, guaranteed.

@dpaul I am not a fan of the process either. But the daily invoices are recurring (automatic) and the clients never see them. I still invoice monthly but the only method that’s been given to me by support is the daily recurring invoices. Like I said, this sometimes generates billable invoices that I don’t want so I have to go back and remove the charges from them so that all billable items will be on 1 invoice at the end of the month. It’s not pretty but it works.

Would LOVE to see a better process introduced.

Your clients may never see them, but I am certain hundreds of invoices in your list are no fun to sort through.

For us (and likely many others), the second an invoice is created it syncs to QBO, and our clients get notified there is a new invoice by our provider. If it is a zero dollar invoice, they get notified that a payment was received as well.

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from the dashboard, click customers - then pick your customer name - and in the Overview tab you should see Prepay Hours… if you set it up correctly.


I to wish there was a counter set up on the invoices or a way to alert the clients… i have 3 that ALWAYS want to know how many hours they have left. So what i did to fix it was this…

2 - recurring invoices
1- set weekly on Saturday and NOT emailed to client and i only use trouble tickets for this one. Anything that has billable hours goes to the monthly invoice.
1- set to monthly that has all billable hours and the prepay hour reset checked.

That is the issue. The hours must be invoiced before the counter changes, and my clients want to see a single invoice with all time entries, not multiple incremental invoices (embarrassing as well). It defies logic, and I assume they still plan to add an hour counter/report.

I don’t know if clients can see it, but if you’re looking at the client account and go to history, you can see a record of when it removed or adds prepaid hours with the date attached. It shows each time a prepaid hour is used.

I logged a ticket with support just last week thinking there was a bug in the system. It was the start of the month and many of my recurring prepay clients were showing a zero balance. If you have to wait until end of month invoicing in order to see an accurate tally of prepay hours, then I struggle to see the value in this report at all?

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I do wish there was another entry right below the Prepaid Hours amount that is called something like “pending hours not charged” or something like that.


I’ve resorted to creating my own excel spreadsheet that compares the customers monthly prepay hours with their pending ticket charges, if they’re equal to of over then it displays an overage amount - which I then add to the prepay hours and other charges to give me a final monthly estimate amount. It’s pretty ridiculous that such basic functionality isn’t yet part of SyncroMSP.

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Can we please have a response from Syncro on this topic as many are requesting this feature? Surely all of the required information is already sitting there in the back-end, it just takes the development team to expose it in the GUI…?

Syncro rarely responds. Feature requests is like a black hole where we can write our wishes, for placation. Haha