Report on missing Windows updates includes failures


I have had a report of a laptop failing to install a Windows update, and is now in an endless update/reboot cycle. (btw HP 450 G5)
Syncro helpfully tells me that the update KB5021234 failed, so it is a safe assumption this is the cause.

The “Missing Patches By KB Report” tells me that on the impacted PC, the KB is missing, but it isn’t listed in the missing section in the above snip. It is in the Failed section.

Is this report called Missing Patches By KB, supposed to include Failed KBs?
If so, can you please denote in the report, which are missing and which are failed?
If not, please create a new report which shows only failed updates.

I want to be able to get a list of PCs that KB5021234 has Failed and I cannot do that at the moment without clicking into each asset in the mising report for KB5021234, and this is needlessly tidious.

BTW: KB5021234 is a known problem child at the moment. Thanks Microsoft for the Xmas present!!!

Windows 11 KB5021255 & KB5021234: Major issues reported in December 2022 update (