Report for Syncro Backups

Is there a method for generating a backup report that can be submitted to clients to let them know the backup service is working successfully on the devices they’re paying to have backed up to the Syncro cloud?

Since Syncro Backup is more of a “monitored” platform, we work it the other way around for our clients. Basically if they don’t hear from us then their backups are working as expected. We place lead calls every quarter to validate that we are backing up everything that they want backed up.

For errors we use a three-strike policy. Backups usually give warning if a user forgets to close a program. If we receive three or more warnings or failures we create a ticket, which in turn notifies the client.

There isn’t a report that can be generated and sent to them, but you can set up alerts if a backup is not successful under Admin > Backup Preferences.