Remove the edit history button and make deleted post really deleted

Please remove the edit history button from forum post:)

And when deleting post - make sure its really deleted and not this “we remove the text soo all should be good now” idea… Not really remove if they can click on the edit history button and see what was written… doesnt make any sense.

Not sure what the idea here is… but if you delete a post it should be gon - for any reason really. The fact you also allow others to see the edit history doesnt really help keep things clean and/or in good shape. I would think this would be a 101 design for any forum.

Reasons to remove:
Any information that shouldn’t be share is now accessible from the history edit button.

The Syncro forums are the Discourse forum software.

In this thread, there is a way for the Syncro Admins to hide the deleted post from the history of the thread.
Do not show deleted post history any more to regular users - feature - Discourse Meta

Weird, I can see everyone history edits log in or not.

My reading of that post from JammyDodger is that the Syncro Admins needs to add ‘post deleted by author’ to the Watched words feature, so that the edit revisions pop up in the Review queue.


Hi Travis,

Thanks for your message. Edit history is only visible by staff and the user that created it.

While I can’t see every edit (I assume it has to do with time of edit) I can see everyone edits ~

I been having fun reading past edit history today:) learn a lot on past post

I can still see past history edits - while in most cases its not a big deal - Syncro Staff has stress to me that isnt possible to view other’s past history edits when clearly we can. This can lead to users thinking they can edit out some information that can still be visible to users if they know what they are looking for. Please I stress you disable this feature all together as its not needed on the forums (short for staff reasons) to be viewable anyways and to please enable the ability to DELETE post instead of marking them for deleting. There is little reason to have the ability to reinstate a post when clearly you can just remake it.