Remove Splashtop from Policy trigger remove from device?

If I edit an applied policy by removing the Splashtop integration from the policy and saving, does the agent then remove the Splashtop software from the device after the change? Or is Splashtop left in place when the policy is edited?

Splashtop won’t uninstall by design when it’s removed from a policy. So you might want to have an offboarding policy or something that triggers a silent uninstall.

Great, that is the answer I was hoping for.

For one of my customers, I actually installed it over the top of their pre-existing Splashtop install and I just wanted to make sure that if I removed it from the Syncro policy that it wouldn’t try to then remove their pre-existing Splashtop installations.

Ah okay. Yep, you are good to go.

Just a little more info in case you need it :). All flavors of Splashtop uses the same Streamer on the workstations. The only thing that differentiates it is some registry keys that joins it to a team, but any viewer with permissions can use that Streamer. What differentiates the features between the various versions is actually the Viewer we use on our system to access their system. So that’s why RMM and Business can coexist because the Streamer product itself is the same, but that’s also why you can’t have more than one Splashtop Business account because it only has 1 set of registry keys to join it to a team. So a scenario you may run into is the customer has Splashtop Business and you do too. You cannot use your version, however, you can enable Splashtop RMM and they can use theirs and you can use the RMM version.

Great, thanks so much for the info, guys!