Remove custom fields from RMM alert emails

Either remove or add the ability to remove custom fields from rmm alert emails. There are custom fields that should not be included in the emails.


No response at all? This format was supposed to be more responsive than the Facebook group. ???

Either that or let there be custom fields that can be specified as a ‘Password’ type.

Much like in a Password Manager, so they are hidden from the output.

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I have proposed removing the custom fields from the RMM alert emails as it is a security breach waiting to happen…crickets

I agree custom fields should not be in alerts by default. Maybe allow a template system where users can select which custom fields they want in an alert but I don’t want any really.

As far as your crickets go, Syncro never really responded to feature requests, unless you email support and then support would say “we filed it”.

There does not appear to be any link between this new feature board and the features they are actually tracking internally though they did say they were going to be monitoring this board, and to be fare back in Oct when you first posted, there were like a total of 5 users that actually had figured out how to find a list of new topics so most of the people who had started checking out these forums would just kinda see something from time to time but mostly miss stuff and not know they hadn’t seen it.

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