Removal of Exisitng Features

So we use the scheduled reports function to send info to clients every month and have been doing this for a while now.

In the Scheduled reports email body, we had some HTML to format the emails. For a timeline, this was implemented on 18/02/2022, so it worked well before the failed implementation of HTML tickets.

However, ever since the HTML tickets roll back, the feature no longer works and it only sends the RAW HTML output, which obviously doesn’t look good on us.

I raised a ticket with Syncro on 1/10/2022 #00168314 and today got the below response

"HTML is currently not supported in the email body of the scheduled report.

I can submit a feature request on your behalf for the report to support HTML Format. Please note I will not be able to provide an eta on if/when this feature request could be implemented/restored"

Please re-enable this feature as it was working fine for months.

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Any way this can be resolved before the next round of reports needs to go out?


Apologies, but I really want an answer.

Hey Lewis,

I’m going to have someone take another look at this on Monday.

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Thanks Andy just got an email about this being reopened, so I sent across some examples.

Hey Lewis,

No problem at all. Glad that is moving again. Sorry about the trouble here thus far.