Remote Access Very Blurry

I have started to encounter an issue recently with remote sessions being so blurry I can’t read anything. I’ve adjusted the zoom and display settings I can find in the remote session but it remains blurry.

Has anyone seen this before?


I ran into this for the first time on a Mac recently. I had to pick the ‘high framerate’ option in the SpashTop action bar at the top to get around the blurry screen. Look at the eye icon, the option is in there. It was just the bottom of the Mac too, which was weird, and affected the ability to click on the charms bar icons.

Do you have to logoff to make this work? If I click on “high frame rate” when I’m connected remotely, nothing changes. My blurryness started happening after I installed my new computer. My laptop is ok.

It was an instant change for me. There are two other things you can check. If you run C:\Program Files (x86)\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Client for RMM\strwinclt.exe (to open the Splashtop RMM options), click on Options and see if ‘Reduce display quality when network is slow’ option is checked. Uncheck if so. On the Advanced tab you can try to toggle 'Use hardware acceleration when available" off or on depending on where it is now.

Unfortunately I tried the high framerate option and enabling hardware acceleration but it did not resolve the issue. Here is a screenshot:

Here is another example:

I finally figured it out. I changed the video rendering option within the splashtop for RMM to Direct3D with RGB and it cleared the remote session right up.


Just wanted to chime in to say that I had a client who had this issue and changing it to Direct3D with RGB worked for us as well.