Recurring Tickets did not Run... Again

I have a whole bunch of recurring tickets that run Wednesday mornings.
I get this error:
Error: This template is scheduled to run in the past, or today and the tickets have already run for today. This will not run automatically unless you adjust the “Run Next At” date.

The next time Recurring Tickets will be processed in your time zone is at:
Thu 12-23-21 07:00 AM

You can manually run this Ticket now to set it on schedule. Make sure everything is configured the way you want it first!

I really do not want to manually run and fix these.

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For faster service, post in the community forums.

Faster than ice cold maple syrup.


We’ll make a request to our Engineering team to resolve the underlying issue however in the meantime they will need to be manually resolved. I’ll create a support ticket to track the issue for you.

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My weekly recurring scripts did not run last night either.

Did this get better for ya? I just realized I’m missing out using recurring tickets, and set one up today! But coming to make a feature request about it, came across this thread and got me worried about trusting them to fire haha. Just thought I’d touchbase with ya and see how things got recently! Thanks!

It has been working pretty good.
I think part of my problem was they were created before the re-design. I had to edit each one and save it. I was going to need to do that anyway to attach the asset to the ticket. The old version did not allow you to attach an asset. Now that I think about it, I had to delete and re-create a couple of them. But since doing all that, no problem.
So I would say go for it.

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Ahhhhh, yea I’ve been hyper paying attention to try and catch those little glitches since the awesome redesign too! Haha