Recurring Templates Creating Invoices but not Emailing

Hey all, I appear to have an issue where invoices are being generated off the Recurring Invoice Template, however they are not emailing out like the Template indicates they should given the box I’ve checked labeled “Email customer the PDF”.
Email Invoice

Is it possible the customer is receiving an email but the Invoice just doesn’t show an email as going out?
I don’t know if this is relevant but I’m also syncing them to Quickbooks. That said I run my invoices on the 15th.


  • Sam

Hello there!

I took a look at your Recurring Invoices and one Customer doesn’t have an email address and the Customers and Contacts that do have email address, don’t have the setting “Receive Billing Emails” checked.

Although Syncro doe shave issues with Quickbooks syncing on the 1st and 15th because everyone invoices on those days, that won’t affect us sending the PDF email to your customers.

Please check those settings and let us know if you’re still having issues.