Recurring Payments via ACH?

Is anyone doing recurring payments via ACH and if so, how?

What I’m trying to do ultimately is having Syncro put together the invoices for me via integration and automation. That part I have basically done, now I want it to automatically update the amount to be billed and bill the customer accordingly.
I’m waiting on Worldpay for the ACH element, but I’m also curious to see if I can have Quickbooks regularly charge them via a recurring Sales Receipt ( How to Set up Recurring ACH Payments in QuickBooks | Tipalti ), and just have Syncro update the amount needing to be charged accordingly.


In order to use QB for recurring charges (we do this), you will have to set up the recurring sales receipts in QB, not Syncro. Syncro can only send invoices to QB, not sales receipts. For projects that we bill for, we create the invoice in Syncro, but for all the auto-recurring charges, those have to be created in QB.

Dang, so you have to update new amounts to be drafted manually? Because it sounds like you’re basically doing what im thinking.

We run the ACH manually in QBO as payments.

If you did have a way to run ACH automatically as a batch, you could apply one big ACH deposit among multiple invoices that Syncro put into QBO. (We do that with auto CC billing.)

Yes, after you set up your recurring sales receipts in QB if the amount to charge changes you will have to modify the recurring sales receipt in QB. If the amount does not change then no modifications are necessary and it will charge automatically each month.

Doesn’t this cause an issue with invoice numbers, and then invoices from Syncro overwriting the ones created in QBO?

No, because you are not creating invoices in QB, you are creating Sales Receipts. QB uses sales receipts for automatic recurring charges, not invoices. Any invoices that are needed would be created in Syncro and then synced to QB.