Recurring Invoices > Period Mode: Increase time invoice is sent in advance before billing period starts

We’ve have been using Syncro for over 6 months and must say, as a small MSP we can appreciate the time and development that’s been incorporated. However throughout our use, we have discovered a few pain points whereby we’re spending more time on than we should.

One such area is billing, in particular recurring invoices. Whilst we love the fact we can implement the variable “{{billing_period_range}}” into any line item, we’re finding it challenging we can only start this at best, one day in advance. This means the client only sees the invoice one day before the billing period starts which is simply not enough time for a variety of services we offer.

What we would like to see is the “Period mode” in the “Recurring Invoices” section allow for more days in advance, i.e. 7, 14, 30, 60 or a custom amount of days. This will help us send the invoice to the client and ensure they have enough time to review the invoice and ask any questions before we tear the package on a new licence, renew a domain, or any other service that may not be refundable. Either way, it’s just good business practice to give people time and us another reason to follow up and ensure we’re managing the relationship correctly with the client.

Keep up the great work.



Thanks for posting about this. I just tried my first today and it’s really cool!

I do have some clients that I bill on the 20th for the range of that month’s days 1-31, so none of the modes works in those circumstances.