Recurring Invoices - In Arrears

If I choose “In Arrears” for the Period Mode and select “Last day of the calendar month”, would that invoice capture all billable tickets completed that day? Say I have a ticket 5/31 10:30PM, would that be included in May’s invoice?


If you select the “Last day of the calendar month” and “In Arrears”, you would miss any open invoices created on that last day after the Recurring Invoice got created. Syncro will run the morning of for any invoices that were created the day before (5/30).

Thank you. Any way to have recurring invoices created say the 5th of the month but only capture tickets until the last day of the prior month? This would give a grace period to review as well. at this time there is no direct way to do it, I think this would be good for a feature request to add more granular options.