Recurring Invoices Estimated Total

Hi team

Can someone please explain how the estimated total at the bottom of the recurring invoice module is calculated?

We have static line items (static units) , policy folders (variable units) and labour (variable units) on recurring Invoices.
Does it take static and dynamic units into consideration? And does this include tax?


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Responsiveness of this forum feels very similar to the responsiveness of Syncro support to tickets.

If we need help with the product that we are paying for, what route should we go?

For a while your (inconsistent) communication was to post it to the forum for quicker support. This post has been up for a week - no reply.

Another issue, that impacts our billing and ultimately how much money we are making with your product, was raised over two months ago. We have had comms on that but support is unable to resolve it.

Again: How can we access support for this product that we are paying for?

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Hi @daniel1,

I’m terribly sorry for the delay on response. I just did some research and it seems like the estimated amount is a monthly total, so if it’s an annual invoice the amount will be divided by 12 and factored in. It does take static and dynamic amounts into consideration, it does not take tax into account.

Thank you @canden.hicks for your reply!

I am just trying to have a somewhat accurate picture of how we fare throughout the month.

In this case I believe this is buggy:

I have noticed that the pending ticket charges (under reports) month to date can be higher, by a multitude, than the “estimated total” for recurring Invoices.

Is it enough to mention it here as a bug or do we need to lodge a ticket?


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If you could submit a ticket with screenshots for examples that would be awesome. I’ll raise it with support.

Thanks @canden.hicks

Submitting that now.

I have raised this with support, they will have a look at your Syncro instance and respond to the ticket.

Hi @canden.hicks
Still nothing from support, other than requesting a screenshot over a week ago.